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Zeiss unveils HFA3 software upgrade

Ophthalmic device manufacturer Zeiss has announced the Australasian release of the v1.5.2 software update for the Humphrey Field Analyzer 3, with improvements to reliability, upgradability and the highly anticipated 24-2C testing strategy.

The new 24-2C strategy for the perimetry device is designed to better detect macular defects by testing 10 additional points within the central 10 degrees that align with known nerve fibre loss most commonly flagged with central vision defects.

According to Zeiss, studies have shown that visual field damage may also be detected within the central 10 degrees before the damage is apparent in a 24-2 test pattern.

“Based on the commonly adopted SITA Faster strategy that has brought a 30-50% improvement in testing time, 24-2C will add another level of clinical confidence for central field defects in glaucoma,” the company stated.

The v1.5.2 USB update takes approximately 30 minutes to perform and will be delivered to more than 800 sites in Australia and New Zealand over the coming weeks.

Installation instructions can be found here. For further information can also be found on the Zeiss website.

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