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Zeiss systems streamline glaucoma management

In an ageing population with an increased disease burden, clinicians are seeking ways to manage glaucoma patients routinely presenting in already busy practices. One of these clinicians, Dr Jed Lusthaus, a glaucoma specialist at Sydney Eye Hospital and director of Eyehaus, is tackling these challenges by using an integrated, multi-modality approach to overlay and associate raw data from diagnostic devices when managing his patients.

Dr Jed Lusthaus,Sydney Eye Hospital & Eyehaus.

Presented on a single screen and within seconds, ZEISS FORUM Glaucoma Workplace turns raw data from the CIRRUS OCT, HFA3 and CLARUS ultra-widefield camera into an interactive progression analysis tool for both clinicians and patients. “All of the test results are displayed on one screen and this gives me an immediate indication whether the patient’s glaucoma is stable,” Lusthaus says.

“Previously, I had to physically flick through reams of paper to assess the visual field of each eye and now all the information I need can be obtained with the click of a mouse.”

The Structure-Function Guided Progression Analysis (SF-GPA) screens show specifically when and where progression in OCT and perimetry have been detected. Lusthaus believes it is essential to have as much historical data as possible when managing chronic eye diseases, stating that “organisation and clear presentation of the data is crucial to enable appropriate clinical decision-making. Glaucoma Workplace provides the flexibility of viewing individual data points as well as progression analyses from multiple imaging modalities”.

The regular surveillance of patients is a critical part of glaucoma management, but this has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “For some patients, an extended period of time between reviews has been proven to be acceptable, while other patients’ glaucoma has progressed more rapidly. When patients return to my clinic, Glaucoma Workplace provides me with a seamless solution for quickly assessing glaucoma stability that cuts down my consultation time significantly and improves the workflow of my practice.”

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