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Zeiss releases new edition of Field Analyser Primer

Zeiss has released the fifth edition of its popular Field Analyser Primer, titled Excellent Perimetry, featuring twice as much content and expanded chapters on glaucoma management and the basic principles.

Written by perimetry experts Dr Mike Patella, Dr Anders Heijl and Dr Boel Bengtsson, the book is an introductory resource for automated perimetry, and in particular visual field testing using the Humphrey Field Analyser.

With about 60% more content and over twice as many citations compared to the fourth edition, the latest version of Excellent Perimetry significantly expands the scope of information offered by previous iterations.

The authors said writing the fifth edition of the Humphrey primer reminded them of how much visual field testing has evolved.

“The first two editions introduced Humphrey perimetry itself (in 1986) and the internationally-based normative data application we called Statpac (in 1987),” they said.

The Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyser.

“The 2002 third edition focused on the then-new SITA testing strategies and the fourth edition in 2012 emphasised the importance of careful patient management during testing. We also have realised that all four of these earlier editions were written primarily for the use of practising ophthalmologists and optometrists, with little thought given to the needs of young trainees.”

In the latest edition, the authors have sought to make the book more suitable for use in residency, and optometric training programs. They have expanded the basic principles section (Chapter 2) to briefly teach topics they previously assumed their audience already understood.

“We have also expanded the chapter on the use of perimetry in glaucoma management (Chapter 9), providing increased emphasis on practical ways of using perimetric data to address common and important patient care questions,” they said.

“We hope that those additions will also help experienced eye professionals take better advantage of perimetric data in their management of patients with glaucoma.”

An electronic version of Excellent Perimetry can be ordered free of charge by emailing Zeiss at med.au@zeiss.com.

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