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Zeiss OCT tech aims to streamline workflow

cirrus 6000 zeiss

To combat the daily challenges of imaging various patient types in a fast-paced environment, Zeiss is aiming to empower clinicians with the CIRRUS 6000.

A CIRRUS 6000 AngioPlex scan.

Offering high speed image capture, larger field-of-view and high- definition scans, the company says its latest performance OCT reveals microvascular details of the retina over a larger area while allowing the practitioner to spend more time with patients.

“Early adopters of the CIRRUS 6000 have noted the new 100kHz scan speed offers significant workflow improvements with OCT cube scans now captured in as little as 0.4 seconds. This brings an improvement of 270% on previous models and acquisition success even for the more difficult patients,” Zeiss says.

The system also allows clinicians to image a larger field-of-view up to 12mm and a depth up to 2.9mm in a single scan.

NSW ophthalmologist Dr Kong-Chan Tang says he’s had positive comments about the speed of the acquisition from patients. The speed of the machine has also improved workflow in a busy clinic.

“I was very dubious of the previous OCT-A which I felt was not ready for ‘prime time’. This version has been vastly improved. It appears to acquire consistent OCT-A images. They appeared to be more easily acquired compared to the previous system,” he says.

“Our staff are thrilled with the CIRRUS 6000. The transition to the new machine from the CIRRUS 4000 was seamless.”



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