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Zeiss increasing HFA3 trade-in discount for Aussie practitioners

Zeiss is offering an increased trade-in discount on all models of its Humphrey Field Analyser 3 (HFA3) until 31 March 2022, to assist clinics with upgrading to its most advanced perimetry technology.

As clinicians and business owners navigate the new normal and plan for post-pandemic success, the company says now is the time to consider newly expanded measures and technologies to reboot the practice.

With perimetry considered a significant diagnostic bottleneck in most clinics, the HFA3 is designed to address workflow challenges and patient congestion by reducing testing time by 30-50% with SITA Faster1.

Zeiss has kicked off its HFA3 promotion to align with RANZCO’s virtual congress (26 February to 1 March). Practitioners can trade in their current perimeter before 31 March 31 2022 to receive an increased trade-in discount.

The company has also placed a small quantity of pre-order stock to facilitate expedited deliveries prior to 30 June 2022.

For clinics wanting to also further reduce the amount of visual field tests performed, Zeiss stated the HFA3’s SITA Faster 24-2C can reduce the number of 10-2 tests conducted when both central and peripheral visual field defects can be detected in one testing regime.2

The 24-2C test can better detect macular defects by testing 10 additional points within the central 10 degrees that align with areas along physiologically relevant nerve fibre bundles known to be susceptible to glaucomatous defects.

Lastly, Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) reports allow a mixture of new and existing testing strategies to support the immediate adoption of the newest SITA Faster 24-2C strategy in your practice.

According to Zeiss, clinics taking advantage of this opportunity will:

  • Minimise patient chin time with SITA Faster
  • Increase clinical confidence with an additional 10 macular testing points of SITA Faster 24-2C.
  • Adopt new testing strategies but maintain continuity with the same GPA reports.
  • Be eligible for temporary full expensing with the ATO3.

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