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ZEISS CT LUCIA – Australian surgeons give early feedback on new IOL

Australian cataract surgeons with early access to the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621 IOL have reported favourably on the company’s latest monofocal technology, particularly in terms of the lens design, patient outcomes and surgical experience.

Despite an increase in IOL offerings in recent years, the company says monofocal IOLs remain the most regularly implanted design in Australia New Zealand. With IOL innovations often focused on multifocal solutions, innovation in the monofocal space has lagged behind.

Despite this, ZEISS has launched the CT LUCIA 621 monfocal IOL. For many, RANZCO Brisbane 2022 was the first opportunity to experience the new ZEISS implant – and initial feedback was positive.

Post-conference, a small group of surgeons were the first to implant CT LUCIA 621 in Australia and asked to report their initial thoughts.

This included Dr Anton van Heerden, a cataract and refractive surgeon, and director and lead ophthalmologist in his private practices in Melbourne.

“I have had the privilege of having early access to the new ZEISS CT LUCIA 621 monofocal IOL. This new IOL gives precision ZEISS optics in a new C-loop hydrophobic platform,” he said.

Dr van Heerden highlighted the benefits of the ZEISS Optic (ZO) Asphericity Concept, something the company developed to compensate for a wide range of aberrations resulting from different corneal shapes and lens positions

“The platform has a unique forgiving aspheric design which gives great outcomes independent of IOL centration and pupil size,” he added.

Dr Georgia Cleary.

Corneal, cataract and refractive surgeon Dr Georgia Cleary, who is head of department within the Surgical Ophthalmology Services at The Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and consultant at Bayside Eye Specialists, identified clear benefits in the handling properties of the fully pre-loaded implant.

“My initial experience with the Zeiss CT LUCIA 621 hydrophobic IOL has been overwhelmingly positive. The CT LUCIA 621 is fully pre-loaded. A simple addition of OVD (viscoelastic) directly into the cartridge is all that is required, before it is closed, ready for a single-handed implantation,” she said.

It was also apparent that the design of the optic-haptic junction had further enhanced the handling properties and user experience with this implant, she said.

“Implantation into the capsular bag was smooth and comfortable, and the IOL optic could be safely moved within the capsular bag during irrigation and aspiration (I/A). Once I/A was complete, no further manipulation was required to centre the IOL.”

The most important consideration for both surgeons was how this lens performed clinically in these early cases. Dr van Heerden and Dr Cleary agreed when it came to patient outcomes.

“I reviewed my first case day 15 post-operatively, and was delighted that the patient had 6/5 uncorrected visual acuity, with no refractive error. The optic material was beautifully clear on slit lamp examination. I look forward to growing my experience with the CT LUCIA 621 IOL,” Dr Cleary stated.

Dr van Heerden added: “My experience thus far has seen exceptional visual outcomes. I look forward to further expansion of IOL options in this new IOL design.” 

CT LUCIA 621 early user bios

Dr Anton Van Heerden is a cataract and refractive surgeon, retina sub-specialist and comprehensive general ophthalmologist. He is the former head of unit of Surgical Ophthalmology Services at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.  He is a director of Armadale Eye Clinic, Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic and is the principal surgeon at Eye Laser Specialists.

Dr Georgia Cleary is a corneal, cataract and refractive surgeon. She is head of department for Surgical Ophthalmology Services at The Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and consultant at Bayside Eye Specialists. Dr Cleary holds a PhD with a research interest in cataract surgery and IOLs.

More information on ZEISS CT LUCIA IOLs can be accessed here.

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