Window Displays

After examining these windows, we are sure to see many more creative window displays popping up in optical store windows in the coming months! But rber to keep your display to a six week timeframe to allow your window to rain fresh and interesting.
If you were not at ODMA2015, no fear, there’s some tips below from the retail window stylists ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (visit th on Facebook: ‘Through the looking glass retail window stylist’).

Have Fun Be a little quirky with thes, involve staff and enjoy the process of creating your story with the window display. And don’t forget: leave the lights on at night and make sure you have great lighting so everyone can see your great work.

Keep it clean and relevant
Don’t clutter the window with all sorts of different things; less product fits with better quality. A repeated single it helps get a message across. Make the display relevant to optical, even if the the is of something completely different. Use a small sign to bring back the story to your product and services.

Use bold shapes and coloursEnsure you use simple yet striking back drop paper or fabric to block in the window display. Highlight colours from this in your display, with the tip being to pick one colour from the backing it and then use this on the table or with accessory props to tie the the together visually.

Find a hero itLook for a hero piece that helps tell the story that can be the focal point for the display. This gives you an it to focus on while gathering other props to tell the story. Surprise customers to avoid the predictable because you want people to stop, look and be amused by what has been created.

Work out your visual lineNotice where your customers’ eye level will be by going outside and looking at your window from street level. When you put in the display, but a sticky note at this level so when inside you know where your customers will be looking. This is the point where you want to create focus of the display.

Pick a the and tell a storyStart with a the then grow it from there to tell your story. Ask the following questions of yourself: what is the message you want to get across to your customers about your products and services, what props could you use to tell this story and create interest to make the display fun? Always ask yourself if the prop or idea is relevant to your thes and if the the is relevant to your products. The answer should always be yes!

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