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What’s on the BOC Instruments booth at O-Show 2022?

The latest in perimetry, OCT and dry eye treatments will be features of the BOC Ophthalmic Instruments booth at O-Show later this week.

The company is expected to have a strong presence at the trade fair taking place in Sydney on 27-28 May, showcasing the latest from manufacturers Topcon, S.B.M. and Optovue.

New Optovue OCT models

According to BOC, Optovue U.S.A. has been on the forefront of OCT, with one of the most innovative ranges since 2007.

The latest Optovue models include the i-Scan 80, i-Vue 80, Avanti XR3 and its most advanced SOLIX Ultra-High-Speed FullRange OCT is now commercially available.

The multi-functional Optovue SOLIX is said to deliver pristine images of retinal structures with 16mm wide x 6mm retinal scans. Full Range anterior segment imaging captures the entire anterior chamber with 18mm wide scans.

Multi-volume merging and 3D Projection Artifact Removal (PAR) produces OCT-Angiography images with unprecedented image clarity, BOC stated.

Fully automated non-mydriatic fundus cameras  

The innovative fully automated Crystalvue NFC-600 and 700 non-mydriatic retinal cameras reportedly capture impeccable high-resolution fundus images with a single touch.

Crystalvue NFC-700 non-mydriatic retinal camera.

“The NFC-700 is a compact stand-alone retinal camera with integrated Windows 10 touch screen tablet, and an abundance of storage for approximately 100000 retinal and anterior eye images. The NFC-600 has the same functions but designed for enhanced portability and interfaces with any Windows PC,” BOC said.

“Both these models feature auto-alignment, 3D tracking, auto shoot, selectable fixation targets, auto montage and an abundance of image processing features including cup/disc ratio, digital red free and much more.”

Topcon Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser

The Topcon Henson 9000 perimeter has what BOC describes as an ergonomic, compact design ideal for space-constrained environments and requires little maintenance.

Topcon Henson 9000 perimeter.

Henson Perimeters have been manufactured in the UK since 1986. Popular among UK eyecare professionals, they are said to be rapidly increasing in popularity in Australia.

A 24-2 ZATA Standard threshold test can typically be completed with highest sensitivity in well under three minutes, or the ZATA Fast threshold typically about two minutes per eye, reducing patient fatigue and optimising test reliability and accuracy, BOC stated.

“Additional test options also include ZATA Standard and ZATA Fast 10-2 and Esterman binocular driving tests. ZATA uses the standard printout format for universal compatibility and comparable test data to gold standard perimeters.”

New S.B.M Activa

BOC will also be showcasing the latest from S.B.M, which it describes as a global leader for dry eye diagnostic technology and other products.

New to S.B.M. product range is the Activa, a non-invasive eye-mask that provides complete heating and automatic squeezing technology in a single device, effective on meibomian gland dysfunction associated with tear film evaporation.

S.B.M Activa.

The Activa relieves evaporative dry eye symptoms by melting the meibum and unclogging glands to restore natural meibum flow and increase meibomiam gland functionality.

“This unique device mechanically warms and massages the lids, is fast and painless, requires no consumables and after each use the mask can be easily sanitised,” BOC added.

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