We’ve gone one step further!

It means that you will be able to refer to accurate, audited Insight circulation figures that have been updated each month, rather than audited figures that can include figures that are between eight months and 14 months old – as is the case elsewhere.
The circulation of Insight’s February 2013 issue was 8,342 copies within Australia – the highest circulation by more than 1,300 copies (22 per cent) of any ophthalmic publication produced and distributed solely within Australia. After 37 years of publishing Insight, we are confident our reputation is well established, however we have decided to provide additional assurance to existing and potential advertisers via monthly, verified circulation audits.
And, our circulation records are open for inspection at our office too.
Under rules of the Circulation Audit Board (we have recently resigned from that organisation), a magazine must be audited once a year for the previous six months, and can submit a publishers’ claim for the next six months.
The probl with that procedure, as the CAB has found out for itself over the years, is that the results can be manipulated. However, our monthly-circulation-audit result will be published each month and will be provided to anyone who asks on a monthly basis; advertisers will not have to contend with a publisher’s claim.
Having said that, the most important thing for advertisers is not circulation (the number of copies distributed) the most important thing is readership!
After all, what’s the value in advertising in a publication that no one reads? A publication might be sent to thousands of people but if it’s not recognised as an industry authority and not respected, then it’s not read.
After 37 years of continuous publication, Insight rains as the No.1 industry publication and most widely read. Isn’t that what it’s all about; the number of copies read, not the number of copies printed?
We will continue to bring readers the news, as we have for the past 37 years – in our monthly-audited issues.

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