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Warby Parker launches its own contact lens

US-based online retailer of prescription spectacles Warby Parker has entered a new section of the ophthalmic market with its own brand of contact lenses.

Called Scout, the daily disposable lens has been developed by the company in conjunction with an unnamed Japanese manufacturer.

The company states the lenses are made from a “super-moist, breathable material that resists drying for lasting hydration” and incorporate “Centraform” technology for improved wearing comfort.

A notable detail is their packaging. The lenses are distributed in a space-saving flat pack that has been designed to be easier to transport and store than traditional blister packs. The company states it uses 80% less packaging than other storage methods, making distribution easier.

Additionally, the packaging is also designed to be hygienic by presenting the outer layer of the lens facing upwards, meaning there is no need to touch the inner surface.

The lenses are priced at US$55 (AU$81) per eye for a 90-day pack or US$110 (AU$162) for a 90-day supply of two lenses.

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