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Wait finally over for Cylite with imminent release of ground-breaking Hyperparallel OCT

The wait is finally over for Melbourne-based OCT manufacturer Cylite with the release in September of its ground-breaking Hyperparallel OCT (HP-OCT).

Invented by brothers Dr Steve and Mr Grant Frisken, HP-OCT is a new approach to ocular imaging. Instead of using a single scanning beam of light like traditional OCT devices, HP-OCT scans the eye with 1,008 simultaneous and parallel beamlets in a series of snapshot captures.

The company said this effectively neutralises eye motion artefacts for each snapshot, and in doing so, produces true-volume 3D images of the anterior and posterior segments, as well as axial length.

“This new approach offers great promise for a number of applications, including advanced contact lens fitting through its construction of highly accurate, tear-film independent topography maps, plus its ability to create volumetrically-accurate 3D images of contact lenses on the eye,” it said.

Clinicians will have the opportunity to see the HP-OCT first-hand at both the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (OSO) and O=MEGA23 conferences in September. Attendees are invited to the Cylite booth at each conference to learn about the HP-OCT and see it in action.

In addition, attendees at the OSO conference will get the opportunity to go on a deep dive of the technology during an interactive and hands-on workshop.

Workshop attendees will learn not only how HP-OCT works but what that means for the clinician, Cylite said.

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