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Vision Eye Institute specialists speaking at Optometry Virtually Connected

Vision Eye Institute’s Dr Simon Chen and Dr Raj Pathmaraj are set to speak at Optometry Australia’s Optometry Virtually Connected conference on Sunday 18 June.

In their presentations, Chen and Pathmaraj will shine a spotlight on the management of co-existing ophthalmic conditions in myopes.

Chen, a highly experienced retinal and cataract surgeon, will highlight the common pitfalls in the management of myopes with cataract in optometric practice.

“A skilled cataract surgeon, Dr Chen regularly receives referrals for complex cataract surgery, especially in patients with retinal disease, ocular trauma or following complications from previous eye surgery,” Vision Eye Institute (VEI) said.

“His presentation will provide plenty of clinically relevant and practical tips to aid assessment, counselling, referral and long-term management of these patients.”

Pathmaraj, a comprehensive ophthalmologist and expert cataract and refractive surgeon, will discuss the challenges in diagnosis and management of myopes with glaucoma.

“In his presentation, Dr Pathmaraj will help optometrists recognise the relationship between myopia and glaucoma, understand the diagnostic challenges faced when both co-exist, and discuss the latest diagnostic and management tools,” VEI said.

Pathmaraj has a special interest in glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases and has expertise in laser surgery for glaucoma. He also has significant experience treating a broad range of ophthalmic conditions, including dry eye, red eye and ocular surface diseases.

The session will take place from 12:45 to 1:45 pm (AEST) and will be moderated by Dr Lewis Levitz, a highly experienced ophthalmic surgeon and Vision Eye Institute’s medical director.

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