Vision Australia’s CEO resigns

After almost eight exciting years, Mr Menses felt it was time for new challenges and a timely opportunity for fresh leadership at Vision Australia.
Dr Murfitt said Mr Menses had led the organisation through its early days of merging with some of Australia¹s most significant blindness organisations.
The corporate services general manager, Mr David Speyer, will act as CEO until a permanent replacent is recruited.
Mr Menses joined Vision Australia soon after the first merger with the Royal Blind Society, the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, Vision Australia Foundation, and the National Information Library Services in 2004.
That was when Vision Australia became the first truly national blindness organisation. Mr Menses then oversighted subsequent mergers with the Royal Blind Foundation Queensland (2006) and Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (2008).
That was a period of significant change in the blindness sector. Dr Murfitt said the mergers were a casebook study of successfully bringing together significant blindness organisations into one entity, responsible for
currently delivering advocacy and support services to up to 50,000 people across Australia.
There is no doubt that Mr Menses can take a lot of credit for the creation of the new organisation.
The departure of a CEO is always a challenge, but it also offers an opportunity for new ideas and energy for Vision Australia, especially with the significant and positive changes occurring in the disability sector with
the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Sche,² Dr Murfitt said.
Mr Menses has an extensive background and wealth of experience of leadership in the not-for-profit sector, and is currently chair of the National Roundtable of Nonprofit Organisations. He has focused on disability services and rights and has a strong sense of social justice, having served in leadership roles with the Endeavour Foundation in Queensland and Anglicare South Australia.
Dr Murfitt said the board of directors, senior executives and staff of Vision Australia wish him and his family well in his future endeavours.
21 May 2012

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