UNSW dropping MB BS in favour of MD; equal to postgraduate degree

The University of New South Wales is dropping its MB BS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor or Surgery) degree course and replacing it with a BMed MD (Bachelor of Medical Studies, Doctor of Medicine) course.It has done so after conducting a detailed investigation into its MB BS degree, which has revealed its double-degree medical students have been studying at a level equivalent to a post-graduate degree .So in response to that, Professor Peter Smith, dean of the UNSW’s medical school, has declared it Australia’s first ever undergraduate MD qualification, to be known as a BMed MD. We believe by introducing the MD we will more appropriately recognise our students efforts — without any need for curriculum changes, Professor Smith said.Offering an MD course appears to be similar to the University of Melbourne’s masters-level MD, which it describes as a new benchmark in 21st century medical education .Entry to the MD course at UNSW commences next year, however current medical students at the university will also be able to move onto the new program, allowing th to form the first MD cohort due to graduate this Decber.The fee structure, application and enrolment process for the course will apparently rain the same.According to the UNSW, its medicine program has a curriculum where medical science and clinical disciplines are highly integrated to ensure an optimum learning experience.UNSW medicine has developed an innovative six-year, three-phase undergraduate medicine program leading to the awards of Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine (BMed/MD).

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