Transitions Style Academy launches nationwide

Essilor has launched an Australian campaign to help optometrists and dispensers recommend Transitions lenses to younger and more fashion-conscious spectacle wearers.

The Transitions Style Academy opened with three ‘Trendsetter Series’ launch events held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for selected optometrists. The campaign is designed to help eyecare professionals recommend Transitions Style Colours and Transitions XTRActive Style Mirrors to both new and existing customers.

Each of the events featured an introductory session, followed by several speakers discussing ways to authentically communicate style to customers, a style booth hosted by Transitions’ ‘Brand Ambassadors’ and free fit registrations.

“Transitions has been extremely successful with an older demographic but there’s a big opportunity to communicate the style and fashion values of the lenses, as well as the obvious practical benefit, to a new audience,” said Ms Tara McCabe, marketing and business development manager for Essilor Australia and New Zealand.

“Feedback from the trade is that many feel apprehensive about communicating with a younger audience. Through Transitions Style Academy we’ll be equipping them with the language, knowledge and tools to feel confident during these interactions and communicate the benefits of the lenses to this group more effectively.”

The campaign will run throughout 2019, and include a sales incentive program alongside the appointment of ‘Brand Champions’ – dispensers who can share their passion for the brand and host in-store events for customers.

A series of tools and recourses has also been released as part of the campaign. This includes a downloadable toolkit that features factsheets, tips, images and inspiration for social media posts.

Consumer-facing point-of-sale its include shelf ‘wobblers’ that can let customers see what a pair of frames would look like with Transitions lenses and a ‘Lookbook’ filled with style inspiration.

Based on the success of the initial launches, two more Trendsetter Series events will be held in South Australia and Western Australia, McCabe told Insight at the Melbourne event.

“The response we’ve had from Brisbane, Sydney and the attendance here today in Melbourne has really demonstrated how people have braced the brand in a different way. It’s really fun and fresh for the brand and the industry,” McCabe said.

McCabe also said there will be more to come from the initiative. “We’ll obviously be showcasing a lot at O=MEGA19, and then there will be more activity to support the program in the second half of the year, and then next year is going to be even bigger for Transitions.”

In 2018 Transitions Style Colours were launched; lenses that fade to sapphire, Emerald, amber or amethyst in light. The lenses were designed to allow more single vision wearers to personalise their eyewear to suite their own unique style.

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