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Transitions Optical launches new extra dark lens range

Transitions Optical is releasing two new technologies in its extra dark photochromic lens range, Transitions XTRActive Polarized and Transitions XTRActive new generation.

The two new technologies address the needs of glasses wearers who are frequently exposed to bright and reflective light, and people considered very light sensitive, the company says.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized breaks the paradigm of conventional polarisation and traditional photochromics,” Transitions said in a statement.

“The lens is unpolarised when it’s clear indoors. Featuring dynamic polarisation, outdoors XTRActive Polarized darkens and polarises. As the lens gets darker, the level of polarisation increases.”

According to the company, wearers experience reduced glare outdoors and a better vision experience. Vision is also said to be sharper, in addition to a larger field of view, and brighter and more vivid colours.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized achieves a polarising efficiency of up to 90%. It is extra dark outdoors darkening up to a Category 3 sunglass; even in hot temperatures.

Behind the windscreen, Transitions Polarized activates up to Category 2. While the lens darkens in the car, the level of polarisation is low due to car windscreens blocking UV rays. The lens also offers high blue light filtering both indoors and outdoors, along with 100% UV blockage.

The company’s Transitions XTRActive new generation is designed to deliver extra darkness and light protection. It is the darkest Transitions lens in hot temperatures and in the car. In wearer tests, Transitions XTRActive new generation reportedly achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 98%.

Transitions XTRActive new generation.

Compared to the previous Transitions XTRActive generation, it is 35% faster to fade back indoors, along with being darker in hot temperatures and darker in the car.

“Transitions XTRActive new generation is the only photochromic lens to achieve Category 3 sunglass at 35°C,” the company stated. “When driving Transitions XTRActive achieves Category 2 behind a windscreen. In wearer tests, 86% of participants were very satisfied with the overall vision experience in the car.”

As with Transitions XTRActive Polarized, Transitions XTRActive new generation features high blue light filtering indoors and outdoors, and 100% UV blockage.

Mr Stuart Cannon, Transitions Optical general manager of Asia Pacific, said the company’s own research showed nine out 10 glasses wearers experience light sensitivity, with 30% being very light sensitive.

“The Transitions XTRActive range of extra dark lenses is designed to address the needs of very light sensitive glasses wearers or those that are exposed to intense bright light, hot temperatures and reflective light in their daily lives,” he said.

Eyecare Professionals can access short education modules on the two new XTRActive technologies, social media, newsletter and website content on Transitions Plus:

Point of sale materials are also available. Those who haven’t registered, use registration code InsightXA. More infoabout the new XTRActive range is available at

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