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Topcon’s latest refraction system arrives in Australia

Device Technologies has introduced a new Topcon binocular refraction system to the Australian market, combining autorefraction, keratometry and subjective refraction in a single device.

The Chronos Automated Binocular Refraction System – launched in Australia and New Zealand on 5 February and distributed by Device Technologies – occupies less than 1.2 metres of space and features guided refraction software called SightPilot, meaning it can be operated by any practice staff.

According to Topcon Healthcare, refractions take three and a half minutes with the instrument’s binocular testing, allowing eyecare professionals to see more patients without adding exam lanes or trained technicians.

“Chronos will provide a technologically innovative solution to busy practices where the optometrist simply doesn’t have enough hours in the day,” Device Technologies ophthalmic diagnostic business manager Mr Ryan Heggie said.

“By allowing standard refractions to be supported by ancillary staff, the optometrist will gain more time to spend with patients on clinical care, eye conditions or complex cases. This will also provide patients better access to eyecare by reducing wait times, particularly in regional areas where optometry resources may be limited.”

Mr Akifumi Baba, president of Topcon Healthcare Solutions, said the system is controlled from a tablet, laptop or desktop PC, allowing for operation from a safe distance or in another room.

“The one-touch operation and intuitive SightPilot software guides the operator through the entire refraction process with a simple user interface and on-screen prompts, enabling the practice to quickly and confidently complete the subjective refraction,” he said.

Chronos is also said to be simple to adjust and multi-functional for patients who are either seated, standing or in a wheelchair. This enables them to complete the exam without moving to multiple instruments.

“Simply put, Topcon Chronos reinvents refraction,” Mr Chris Mather, Topcon Healthcare Solutions Australia’s director, said.

“This revolutionary all-in-one system saves time and space and allows eyecare providers to delegate the refraction process and grow their practice. Chronos is the culmination of Topcon’s commitment to developing highly advanced, multi-modal medical devices and software platforms that allow today’s eyecare providers to practice smarter, safer and more efficiently than ever before.”

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