Top ten trends in kids eyewear

1. Kids are savvy consumers too; they know and want brands, which extends into their eyewear preferences.2. Grown up styles. Just like adults, kids love rectangles. But the retro rage so prevalent in adult styles is clearly impacting the kids’ market with preppy designs, rounds, cateyes and even clubman looks popping up for kids.3. Although metal is still generally preferred for children because of its easier adjustability, zyl following the trend with adults, continues to gain momentum in kids’ eyewear.4. Whatever the style, kids must have colour. All colours. But blue is a winner in every brand, shape and style for boys and girls of all ages. Red, pink and purple are also favourites.5. Another fashion favourite, colour blocking – monochromic tples with a contrasting frame front – add flair to both kids’ and adult eyewear.6. Kids, like everyone else, want to look cool in their eyewear and feel comfortable all day long, making spring hinges and adjustable nosepads a must.7. Darker, muted tones are holding their own with brighter colours favoured by children in the past. And watch for crystal and paired perhaps with black for a striking clubman effect.8. Bold graphics, especially floral arrangents, are appreciated by young and old.9. Clearly the material choice in lenses for kids is polycarbonate, based on its superior impact resistance. Kids also want their lenses to be light for the ultimate in comfort.10. Photochromic lenses are the favoured sun option for children because the frame and lenses aren’t roved when going indoors, which means kids are less likely to lose their eyewear.To take advantage of the back-to-school period, refer to the top ten selling tips, refer to the February issue out 21 January.

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