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Tokai’s 1.76 lenses and unique edging has broad appeal

Tokai Optical’s 1.76 lenses are not only the thinnest and lightest option on the market today, but the facial inset and outset are visibly reduced, leaving the wearer with a far more natural appearance, the company says.

From its foundation in 1939, Tokai Optical has striven to drive the quality and practicality of optical lenses forward. Over 80 years, many innovations have been spearheaded by its in-house R&D team, including the unique, digital free form 1.76 index, which are the thinnest, lightest and flattest plastic lenses in the world.

Its 1.76 lens is available in single vision aspheric, bi-aspheric, anti-fatigue, office lenses and most of its progressive lens designs.

“It is fully tintable in a range of colours, as well as being available with Transitions, Lutina – a material that blocks 100% of UV light and approximately 94% of High Energy Violet from 400nm to 420nm – and Lutina-Photochromatic,” a company spokesperson said.

For high minus prescriptions, Tokai recommends an additional process known as ‘fine edge bevel’. With this process, the edge thickness can be reduced by up to 3mm, depending on frame choice and the level of fine edge chosen.

For patients with high plus prescriptions, a process known as ‘slice’ can reduce the thickness of a lens by over 50% in the right frame, the lens manufacturer said.

“There is a variety of anti-reflective coatings available for our 1.76 index lenses, offering superior scratch resistance, UV and HEV (High Energy Violet 400-420nm) blocking.”

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