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Tokai Optical’s High Resolution aspheric lens ideal for high and complicated prescriptions


Tokai Optical has taken single vision lens technology to the next level with the introduction of a new High Resolution (HR) aspheric lens design.

Described as an innovative concept pushing the boundaries of lens design, the company said the HR lens is focused on three key principles to ensure maximum clarity for the wearer.

“The Fovea Centralis transmitted light, aberration correction, and bi-purpose-specific distance or near – with these three key design focuses, Tokai Optical’s HR lens can increase the clear range by up to 37%,” the company said.

“As the Fovea Centralis is located slightly off the optical axis towards the ear, the HR lens evaluates the lens design from optical-axis-based to visual-axis-based light transmission. This achieves a light flux to the fovea centralis. Tokai’s High Resolution design is an asymmetric and aspheric lens customised separately to the right and left eyes with a different aspheric coefficient between the nasal and temple sides of the lens.”

All of Tokai’s lenses are cast and manufactured in Japan, and their lens catalogue is provided with 100% freeform technology.

“Tokai optical prides itself on result formatted designs, always ensuring the best vision to the wearer. Since the launch of the HR range in Australia in March 2023, Tokai Optical Australia has received a lot of positive feedback. The HR lens is proving to be a beneficial option for high and complicated prescriptions or for the consumer who would like to experience the best vision solution available,” the company said.

The Japanese lens maker said aberration correction further reduces variation between the right and left eye.

“Based on the eye’s position looking through the lens and simulation of eye movement and lines of vision of both eyes, aberration correction improves and increases the clarity of the peripheral vision,” it said.

The final component of the design focus is bi-purpose-specific distance, for far or near vision.

Tokai Optical said it wanted to consider how the lens will be utilised, focusing on the wearer’s needs.

“As eye movement differs from distance or near, Tokai Optical manipulates the design so the wearer is able to obtain maximum clarity specific to their use, ensuring the HR design principles are adhered to, and the wearer experiences the desired vision outcomes.”

Tokai HR-High Resolution offers high-quality visual acuity, a comprehensive variety of lens choices than the standard aspheric lens.

With the back surface aspheric design, Tokai’s High Resolution (HR) offers a front base curve choice in order to meet the frame selection. Available in all high index materials, including ultra-high index 1.76, HR-High Resolution is also available in the LUTINA, LUTINA-Photochromic, Transitions Generation 8 and 12-colour Polarised range.

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