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Tokai Optical Australia takes customers to Japan for factory tour

Tokai Optical

Tokai Optical Australia recently hosted a group of Australian customers to visit the International Optical Fair Tokyo and a tour of the Tokai factory in Okazaki City.

The educational tour allowed customers to see how Tokai lenses are made, according to the company. They were also given a comprehensive overview of the lens manufacturing process, from casting and surfacing to coating, tinting, edging and packaging.

The company said the customers appreciated the attention to detail in its manufacturing processes, as well as its commitment to quality control.

“They were impressed by the high level of cleanliness and precision in the factory,” Tokai Optical Australia general manager Mr Justin Chiang said.

“One interesting thing the customers learned on the tour was that all guests are required to change into indoor shoes provided by Tokai. This is to prevent external dirt and dust from being brought into the factory. Tokai prioritises quality control and ensures that its lenses are made in a clean and dust-free environment.”

According to the company, customers also took interest in the Tokai thin film and special coating division.

“This division produces special coatings and films for use in a variety of industries, including medical, optics, electronics, automotive, and even for observation in space. Some of the machines in this division can coat lenses with up to 1,000 layers of coating,” Chiang said.

The high-precision prisms that are produced at the Tokai factory were also a highlight for customers. According to the company, these prisms can be as small as 0.3mm in size and are used in a variety of devices.

As part of the international tour, customers participated in sightseeing in Tokyo and Kyoto. This included visits to a variety of historical and cultural sites, including the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Sky Tree, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine.

“Overall, the trip was a very enjoyable and informative experience for the customers. They learned a lot about Tokai Optical and Japanese culture, and they had a great time exploring Tokyo and Kyoto,” Chiang added.

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