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Tokai aspheric lens designed to solve common trade-off

Tokai Optical has released an aspheric lens specifically designed to reduce distortion and improve comfort for astigmatic patients.

Analysis of Japan-based Tokai Optical‘s production data shows that 61% of the lenses it produces contain an astigmatic power, supporting its assertion that a high percentage of people who wear glasses have astigmatism.

“Although there’s a demand for lenses with astigmatic power, clear vision and comfortable sensation are often traded off with each other,” Tokai Optical’s Australian representative, Mr Justin Chiang, said.

Chiang notes that according to Dr Satoshi Hasebe (professor in ophthalmology at Kawasaki Medical School), astigmatism correction lenses mutually have different refractive power in two vertical directions and thus cause different magnification, or image distortion.

“Furthermore, the degree or direction of astigmatism is different between the two eyes in most cases. The brain needs to recognise images with varying distortion patterns as a single image (binocular vision). This process occasionally results in discomfort or eye strain,” Chiang said.

“Tokai Optical reached the conclusion that improving the outer portion where different distortion frequently occurs depending on the direction of the cylinder axis can improve the wearers’ comfort.”

Tokai AS-AE Smart Toric is a dedicated design for this purpose.

“With this trade-off relationship in mind, the Tokai AS-AE Smart Toric has been specifically designed to provide a solution to this problem,” Chiang said.

There are two focus areas on the Tokai AS-AE Smart Toric design; the view focus area and the control area.

“The Tokai AS-AE Smart Toric not only ensures a clear field of vision in the view focus area. The distortions created by the astigmatic power, particularly on the outer edge of the lens, can make it difficult for some customers to adapt,” Chiang said.

“The AS-AE Smart Toric increases the wearer’s comfort by gradually and continuously adjusting the astigmatic power as it moves away from the optical centre; this, in turn, reduces the distortion in the outer portion of the lens.”

He said overall, the new Tokai AS-AE Smart Toric can achieve up to 24% less distortion.

“It is not only a solution for the wearer who has difficulty adapting to the astigmatic lenses but also provides a clear and comfortable vision in general.”

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