The Naked Eye’ book launched in Sydney

The authors are inently qualified to deliver such a book as both have been at the forefront of the evolving field of refractive surgery, more recently, laser refractive surgery, and very recently, ftosecond laser cataract surgery. Between th they have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the pioneers of refractive surgery including Barraquer, Troutman, and Fyodorov.Prof Sutton and Dr Lawless wrote the book as a vehicle to connect with non-medical readers to convey the potential of laser refractive surgery in all its forms without the use of the discipline’s dense jargon. It is also intended to detail the latest techniques which may mean a revised edition will be required within a relatively short space of time given the rate of developments in the refractive surgery and laser fields.The launch took place in the eye hospital’s Da Capo Courtyard Café. The authors addressed the assbly and then handed the lectern over to the ‘imported’ talent, professional colleague and ophthalmologist Dr Mark Loane from Brisbane and media personality and close friend of Prof Sutton, Mr Peter FitzSimons. Interestingly, both share an international rugby union background although by his own admission, FitzSimons’ career was shorter (seven tests, 1985-1989) and, given that Loane was a Wallaby for 29 test matches and team captain for six of th (1979-1982), less stellar.The book seeks to explain the surgical options available to those in need of vision correction and eye care. The title, The Naked Eye, alludes to the possibility of good vision without the aid of any optical appliance such as spectacles, contact lenses, or orthokeratology, just the naked eye.The book was available at the launch for purchase and is available from the publisher.

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