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The most light-weight high-end indirect ophthalmoscope

OMEGA indirect ophthalmoscope

Device Technologies has introduced the OMEGA 600 indirect ophthalmoscope produced by German medical device manufacturer Heine.

Available in Australia and New Zealand this month, the manufacturer says it features a new design making it the lightest high-end device of its kind on the market. This includes an ultralight lithium polymer battery that allows the eyecare professional to work more comfortably and reduces strain on the spine.

The battery – which can be recharged with a wall charger or USB cord – achieves eight full hours’ operation on average, depending on the light intensity.

Other features include new visionBOOST technology, which Heine says significantly improves retina exams for cataract patients, with up to 20% better view.

Commenting on the visionBOOST feature, Dr Maximilian Wintergerst, from University Hospital Bonn’s Department of Ophthalmology, said: “In most patients examined, the new function improved the view in presence of mild and moderate cataract. In principle, this was the case for all cataract sub-types (nuclear/cortical/posterior according to the LOCS III classification).”

With well-defined, stronger, small opacities (beginning cortical/posterior cataract), he said the view improved noticeably when examining the affected fundus area.

“Very small opacities almost completely disappeared thanks to the brightness boost,” Wintergerst said.

“In eyes with predominantly nuclear sclerosis, the boost function resulted in a generally sharper and higher contrast image.”

To achieve bright and homogeneous illumination for the fundus with realistic colour rendering, Heine has incorporated high-grade LEDs. Three filters are also available based on the diagnostic needs: yellow, blue, and red-free.

In addition, it has built the OMEGA 600 with with few openings and dustproof seals to allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.

“The developers accomplished this quality by consistently avoiding openings on the device, fully integrating the electronics and dustproof sealing the optical unit,” Heine stated.

“A tailor-made breath shield is also available to order as a consumable for mouth-and-nose coverage. A major selling point for the breath shield is a special recess for the optical window, which preserves the view into the eye.”

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