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The Great OCT Debate: Is routine screening worth it?

Should optometrists move down the path of population-based screening programs, or does a more judicious, targeted approach ensure the best level of eyecare?

There are increasing concerns routine OCT screening could lead to a rise in false-positive results, placing an unnecessary burden on an already-stretched public health system, never mind the anxiety an incorrect referral can stir among patients.

However, proponents of OCT-based screening programs argue they are beginning to move the needle on some bleak national eye health statistics, particularly for glaucoma.

With OCT now more accessible to optometrists than ever before, MYLES HUME invited the Centre for Eye Health, Specsavers, RANZCO, Optometry Australia and Glaucoma Australia to share with Insight their sometimes opposing views on this essential debate.



Dr Angelica Ly Integrated Care Coordinator, Center for Eye Health
Target your screening for the greatest impact


Peter Larsen Group Eye Health Strategy Director, Specsavers
An invaluable tool in a holistic eyecare model


Luke Arundel Chief Clinical Officer, Omtometry Australia
More evidence needed before recommendation


Nitin Verma Clinical Professor, RANZCO
We can learn more about this powerful tool


Mrs Annie Gibbins Chief Executive Officer, Glaucoma Australia
Glaucoma patients are now easier to find


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