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The Eye Doctor Hot/Cold Compress

The Eye Doctor has introduced the new ‘Sterileyes’ antimicrobiol protection for its Hot/Cold Eye Compress.

Sterileyes is an antibacterial shield proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. The patented solution is bound to the fibres of the mask to protect the eyes from potentially harmful bacteria. It also provides stain protection and eliminates germs that create odour.

The Eye Doctor Hot/Cold Compress is designed to treat meibomian gland dysfunction. It can be used in the microwave, oven or freezer and has a removable washable cover. Used hot, it alleviates the symptoms of dry eye disease, blepharitis, chalazion, grittiness, irritation and sore eyes.

Used cold, it soothes the symptoms of hay fever/allergies, inflammation, tired/ itchy/puffy/sore eyes, sinus headaches and migraines.


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