TGA imposes sanctions on glaucoma-drug advertiser

The panel investigated the advertising after a complaint was made, the complainant requesting anonymity.The advertisent was headed Bright Eyes Eye Drops For Glaucoma with a subheading Control and medicate ‘The Sneak Thief of Sight’, followed by representations as to the product’s use for glaucoma including: Glaucoma affects over 310,000 people in Australia alone, that is one in eleven Australians who will develop glaucoma. ; Glaucoma is the leading cause of vision damage and blindness in Australian’s (sic) ; If you don’t treat your eyes with eye drops You may or will develop nerve damage at a relatively low pressure ; It continued: Early diagnosis can help slow the progression of the condition using Ethos Bright eyes to minimise loss of vision ; The recommended course of treatment is to use one box containing 2 x 5ml bottles a week, for a period of six weeks with 80% of patients report seeing significant improvents within this time frame ; Eye drops as a course of medication is recommend (sic) on all major Glaucoma websites including: Asian-Oceanic Glaucoma Society Australian and New Zealand Glaucoma Interest Group Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Opthalmologists ; Bright Eyes drops are safe to use…. ; and many others. The panel on 17 October determined that the advertisent to be in beach of the Therapeutic Goods Act and its Code on a number of counts.The panel was satisfied that the advertisent promoted a product that was represented to be for therapeutic use.

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