Rewriting eye disease: Are we ready for gene therapies?

In 2020, ophthalmology became the first medical field in Australia to secure approval for a gene therapy. The one-off treatment can restore vision in people once resigned to a lifetime of blindness and is expected to pave the way for many more. MYLES HUME analyses the opportunities and challenges posed by ocular gene therapies.
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Bringing Usher syndrome into focus

Usherkids Australia’s new webinar series focuses on the latest research and clinical guidelines. Emily Shepard and Hollie Feller discuss collaborating with Orthoptics Australia on the project.
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Supporting families with Usher syndrome

When a child is diagnosed with Usher syndrome, families can be left feeling overwhelmed and alone. EMILY SHEPARD and HOLLIE FELLER discuss why they have made it their mission to help families like theirs.
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