Making every click count for independent optometrists

Many independent optometry practices struggle to convert web browsing consumers into fully fledged customers because their websites are neither optimised for patient acquisition, nor are they regularly updated. But a new strategic alliance between ProVision and EyeCarePro is working to overcome that in Australia.
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Use it or lose it: Maximising the health fund rush

Optometry practices across the country are gearing up for a busy Christmas period, with pent up demand to make this period even busier than usual for some. Insight finds out how the sector is gearing up as patients race to use their health fund benefits. Read More
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Levelling the playing field for independent optometry

With the largest network of practices in Australia, ProVision possesses significant buying power. But as CEO STEVEN JOHNSTON explains, it’s doing much more to ensure independent optometry can continue to flourish, especially amid a record trading period. Read More
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ProVision unveils new exit plan program

Australia’s largest independent optometry group has created a new resource to help practice owners map their path to retirement, with an emphasis on maximising business value and protecting the practice’s legacy.
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Going green: sustainability in the optical sector

Corporate commitment to environmental sustainability in optical manufacturing is on the rise, and it’s having a trickle-down effect to greener thinking at the practice level. Insight looks at how the optical sector is taking steps to reduce its footprint.
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