Frame adjustment

A brief guide to frame adjustment – Part 1

The final frame adjustment is the icing on the cake in the dispensing process and can often be a defining moment in the patient journey. That’s why it is so important to get right, writes MURRAY O’BRIEN. Read More

A frame is not just a frame

Patients look to optical dispensers for their expertise when it comes to finding the best fitting frame. And the prescription often has a bearing on what’s feasible, writes DINA ANASTAS.
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Getting to know your product range

Choosing the frame product range can be both an exciting and stressful prospect for any independent practice. It also says a lot about a business, so it’s important to get right, writes EMMA ROBERTS.
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Matching lens and frame curves

Poor lens curve and frame combinations can lead to dissatisfied customers and time-wasting remakes in the laboratory. MURRAY O’BRIEN details some of the most important considerations in this area.
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