Issues around same day bilateral cataract surgery

Cataracts are the commonest operation in the world. With modern day surgical techniques, it’s also the safest. And better yet, advances in lens technology mean some patients may enjoy the best vision of their entire life post-surgery. Read More
Cataract Kids Australia

Cataract Kids Australia and orthoptists

As a parent of a child with cataracts, MEGAN PRICTOR knows the struggle of affected families. That’s why she set up Cataract Kids Australia, a charity that’s formed a strong bond with orthoptics.
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Cataract management zeiss webinar

Cataract management webinar series

Cataract management will be the focus of a weekly live webinar series hosted by Zeiss commencing next month, featuring presentations from prominent Australian ophthalmologists and a clinical optometrist.  
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Operating in a new dimension with 3D visualisation

A new era in ophthalmic surgery has dawned with the emergence of 3D visualisation systems. Surgeons discuss how Alcon’s latest advance in this field is offering new levels of comfort, efficiency and teaching advantages in Australian operating theatres. Read More