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Surging demand for Zeiss breath shield program

Ophthalmic equipment manufacturer Zeiss has reported a seven-fold increase in demand for its free slit lamp breath shield offer, with almost 2,100 units ordered across Australia and New Zealand.

Last week, the company had sent just 200 breath shields to existing Zeiss customers, and had received orders for 100 more units.

However, that number has ballooned during the past week due to increased awareness of the program, which is available to all practitioners who use slit lamps, including non-Zeiss customers.

As of 28 April, Mr Matthew Wensor, the strategic marketing manager within Zeiss’ Australian medical technology business group, told Insight the company had sent 986 breath shields and had outstanding orders for 1,092 units. In total, it has either delivered or will soon dispatch 2,078 breath shields.

The free breath shields are a donation by Zeiss. Due to limited supply, the company will provide two shields and one shipment per practice. High demand and the current international logistics situation could also cause a delay in shipment arrivals.

“Shipments may take up to two weeks or more depending upon your location,” the company stated. “We cannot guarantee the breath shields fit every slit lamp make and model.”

Zeiss noted the breath shield is neither an approved medical device, nor guaranteed to block transmission of viral pathogens, to reduce risk of disease infection, or to prevent disease.

The program is ongoing at this point. Visit this website to register.


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