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Spectacle hygiene: teaching the basics to patients

A leading ophthalmic lens supplier is urging eyecare professionals to educate patients about the importance of spectacle hygiene and anti-fog properties in the COVID-19 era, which are presenting new business opportunities for practices.

Zeiss Vision Care reports glasses are “a breeding ground” for potentially harmful microorganisms, compounded by the fact incorrect lens cleaning can cause microscopic scratches that gradually wear down lenses and impair vision.

Zeiss Lens Wipes.

It points to a 2018 study by Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany that investigated bacterial levels on spectacles and analysed the efficacy of four different cleaning methods to reduce microbial loads.

The methods tested were moist alcohol and alcohol-free lens cleaning wipes, dry tissue and dry microfabric cloth. Moist lens cleaning wipes showed the most germ reduction at ≥99%.

Zeiss Vision Care said it was important eyecare professionals (ECPs) reminded patients not to use their shirt sleeve to clean lenses and, instead, consider products like its lens wipes that are made of micro-fine cellulose fibres. They are also said to be gentle on lenses, provide streak-free results and don’t contain chemical agents.

“Lens wipes are also ideal for cleaning smartphones or tablet displays, which, like eyewear, are breeding grounds for microorganisms. A study by Hochschule Furtwangen University indicated that on an uncleaned four-inch touch screen, approximately 60 microorganisms are present,” the company stated.

“For the ECP practice, lens wipes are an easy-to-implement practice-builder product category. A box or two of wipes increases the average sale and is a product reordered regularly. They take up practically no space and are immediately ready for use.”

Prevent fogging

With face masks and COVID-19, Zeiss has also updated and launched its AntiFog Kit to combat spectacle lens fogging. The problem also contributes to dirtier lenses and can cause discomfort and impairment.

Zeiss’s AntiFOG Kit.

After cleaning, the company says a spray is applied to an accompanying cloth which is then rubbed across both sides of the lenses, to prevent fogging of lenses for up to 72 hours.

“Cleaning wipe packets and anti-fog spray fit the new eCommerce opportunities that many ECPs are pursuing since COVID-19,” the company stated.

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