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Specsavers Stories: Michael Angerame

When people decide to work at Specsavers, they’re joining a company with a purpose to change lives through better sight and hearing – hence why more Australians and New Zealanders choose the optometry provider over any other.

As one of the largest employers in the ANZ optometry sector, Insight sits down with an employee each month to hear about their growth trajectory within the company.

Specsavers stats
Name: Michael AngerameSpecsavers experienced optometrist opportunity
Current position:
Optometry development consultant – professional services
Location: Specsavers Support Office
Years within the business: 2

Why did you pursue an optometry career, and how did you enter the profession?

I pursued a career in optometry as I wanted to choose a profession that involved helping others, while making a positive impact within the community. I entered the profession by completing my optometry studies at Deakin University, graduating in 2017.

How did you come to work at Specsavers, and what attracted you to the business?

I was introduced to Specsavers on my very first day of university. I expressed interest in working within a store whilst I completed my studies. Within a matter of weeks, I signed up with a store in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs as an optical assistant.

This role would see me through university, and I was lucky enough that my graduation coincided with an expansion of the store I worked in as an optical assistant, which meant I was able to sign on as a graduate optometrist in a store I’d already worked at for a number of years.

What was your first role within the business, and what did it entail?

My first and current role at Specsavers Support Office was as optometry development consultant – professional services. This is a diverse role which involves supporting over 1,200 optometrists across Australia and New Zealand in anything from clinical governance to new initiatives that increase efficiencies in the test room and ultimately provide a better experience for all our patients.

Since then, what growth opportunities have presented themselves?

The main growth opportunity that stands out for me is public speaking and presenting. Working in store, it’s often a one-to-one, face-to-face interaction between yourself and the patient. Since starting this role, I’ve had the opportunity to present to many of our optometrists, from graduates to mobile optometrists, both in person and virtually.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work closely with some amazing industry support bodies such as Vision Australia, MDFA and Glaucoma Australia to work on some exciting initiatives for both our optometrists and our patients.

Can you outline your top career highlights since joining Specsavers?

I was very fortunate to have supportive partners at my store whilst I studied university, which meant I was able to grow professionally. I was very grateful and excited when Harry, Ha, Kerryn and Rachel offered me a graduate optometrist role. Looking back, I have some very special memories at that store.

What is your most interesting clinical case? 

It would be hard to narrow it down to one particular case – however there is a particular cohort of patients that I enjoy. These are newly presbyopic patients that often haven’t had an eye test in many years and have no idea what is happening to their near vision. You’ve always made their day when you give them their first reading add. I still find the ‘wow’ moment very rewarding when you give someone that much needed prescription.

What excites you most about turning up for work each day?

I enjoy that my role is diverse, with no two days ever the same. I’m always happy providing support to our optometrists in store, to ensure we’re constantly delivering a positive patient experience. I also try to get in store as much as I can – still completing the occasional locum shift in the store I first started as an optical assistant nearly 10 years ago now.

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