Specsavers not affected by Collette Dinnigan’s decision to shut up shop

Her viable business was projected to turn over $14 million in 2014, which, while large by Australian standards, on the global scale was small and which would have had to grow ten times to become a big-name international brand.Ms Dinnigan has been seeking a business partner-investor to allow her to concentrate designing her garments, freeing her of business-side of the company, but she was unable to find the right fit.Currently, she working with the Specsavers design team on a new eyewear collection and has confirmed she will be focusing her time on special projects, including her ongoing partnership with Specsavers.”In February this year I launched my first eyewear collection of 24 frames. It was a long time in the making and a great design challenge which I enjoyed. I may be closing the business, but I am still passionate about style and design and will continue to design for Specsavers”, she said.

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