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Specsavers Audiology to open more locations in 2021

Specsavers Audiology has screened its one millionth patient for hearing loss since launching nationally in late 2017, with the service now embedded in more than half of the company’s Australian optical locations.

In three years of operation, Specsavers has opened 170 audiology locations across Australia, with more than 100 professionals joining as owner-operators in their own Specsavers Audiology clinics.

Specsavers Audiology executive director and general manager Mr Darrel Magna said challenging the status quo and providing quality service and transparent pricing had contributed to its success.

“Eyes and ears go together, so audiology was a natural progression for our Specsavers optical business, and we could clearly see that as an industry, audiology was inaccessible to many Australians. There were obvious things that were missing that we knew we could bring to the market,” Magna said.

Specsavers Audiology is planning to open more locations in Australia and New Zealand in 2021.

“Our ability to provide hearing care for so many Australians in such a short period of time is due to the dedication and hard work of our team and of course, our partners, who have embraced our model of audiology and enabled us to make it accessible across the country,” Magna said.

He said screening one million Australians for hearing loss shows how much they are responding to the company’s approach.

“If we can get Australians and New Zealanders accessing hearing care earlier, by better serving our optical customer base, by using hearing screening as part of the eye test journey as an extended health check, to start the conversation when someone is in their 40s or 50s or 60s then we can identify hearing loss sooner and dramatically increase the number of people that do something about their hearing loss and go on to have more connected lives,” Magna said.

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