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Sigo Eyecare opening Australia’s first ZEISS VISION CENTRE concept store

Perth business owner Mr Martin Feng will open ZEISS VISION CENTRE by Sigo Eyecare in December 2023, an Australian-first concept store that allows practices to leverage the ZEISS brand and technology while maintaining their independence.

Located in Westfield Booragoon, the new practice will be owned and operated by Feng – an entrepreneur who has businesses across various sectors, including two Sigo Eyecare practices in WA.

The decision to open the nation’s first ZEISS VISION CENTRE was simple for Feng after recognising the success of the concept in more than 200 locations globally.

“Perfect vision and a frame that fits and looks great on the wearer – those are the two aims when beginning any consultation at a practice. And this is just what we can offer now in a one-of-a-kind, holistic concept,” he said.

Martin Feng and our Zeiss Vision Care ANZ national sales manager Jason Bowen at the ZEISS Berlin Convention in October 2023.

“Being able to leverage the ZEISS brand and open a practice with the latest in ZEISS technology and consumer experience is a privilege. ZEISS has no ownership, yet this concept store enables me to leverage the brand and access the tools and processes to provide a superior patient experience.”

Each ZEISS VISION CENTRE is individually designed with and for the independent owner and local market demographic. The fit out is designed to attract a consumer that appreciates premium brands, innovation, technology and style, adopting iconic ZEISS design elements some of which are patented.

Ms Gail Giordani, head of ZEISS Vision Care Australia and New Zealand, added: “The ZEISS partner program enables independent eyecare professionals to utilise the ZEISS brand to elevate and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.”

The ZEISS VISION CENTRE concept also opens access to exclusive ZEISS marketing content, customised business support, staff education and a global community of like-minded business owners to engage with and share learnings.

A unique store experience

According to ZEISS, people who visit a store in the age of online shopping are seeking a seamless shopping experience that meets their expectations.

“A visit to ZEISS VISION CENTRE by Sigo Eyecare is just that – an experience that offers added value. High-tech instruments, the latest on-trend frames and a carefully designed consultation concept go hand-in-hand with an innovative store design,” the company stated.

Each ZEISS VISION CENTRE is designed with and for the independent owner and local market demographic.

The ZEISS VISION CENTRE by Sigo Eyecare will also incorporate My Vision Experience by ZEISS, a nine-step process the company said would guarantee every visitor can find the lens right for them.

This examination and consultation concept identifies customers’ vision needs on an individual basis. At the end of the process, it’s reported the patient will have invested as much time in eye examinations and lens consultations as they have in selecting the frames.

“This not only allows Martin’s team to find the right lenses but also helps those they are assisting make the right decision,” ZEISS said.

Leading ZEISS devices are installed in the practice and support the patient journey.

The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform will be available at ZEISS VISION CENTRE by Sigo Eyecare.

One example is the ZEISS i.Profiler plus, an instrument that offers objective eye checks. Using wavefront technology, it performs an objective vision test and creates a “map” of each eye within 60 seconds – revealing even small visual defects. This technology also enables Feng’s team to offer ZEISS i.Scription lenses that provides precision optics of 1/100th of a diopter.

The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform will also be available at ZEISS VISION CENTRE by Sigo Eyecare. This platform has nine cameras that create a 3D image of the face, or an avatar, which can first be used to adjust the lenses. The avatar can also be used to try on frames in the digital space – which consumers can do later at home, too.

“When consumers decide to buy a pair of sunglasses, for example, they can look at the avatar directly to see which colour would be most suitable or whether they would like photochromic lenses,” ZEISS stated.

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