Short-term fix not enough to meet public hospitals’ needs: AMA

The state and territory leaders had no choice but to be thankful for any new funding to help th cope with the ever-increasing dand on their already stressed public hospitals, Professor Owler said.
Under the 1-April COAG Agreent, the states and territories will receive an extra $2.9 billion over three years from 2017 to 2020. That leaves $77.1 billion still to go of the $80 billion for health and education taken away from the states and territories in the 2014 budget of the Abbott-government’s treasurer Mr Joe Hockey.
Professor Owler said the states will be grateful for any new funding, but the Australian public and the people who manage and work in the hospitals are right to be disappointed.
“Today’s agreent goes nowhere near meeting the long-term needs of the nation’s public hospitals, and falls dismally short of replacing the funding taken away from the states in the 2014 federal budget.
“We need funding certainty for at least the next decade for public hospitals,” Professor Owler said.
He added, “Australia’s public hospitals are under pressure. Today’s new funding will help relieve some pressure, but the pressure will rain and build once this short-term fix expires. The AMA will continue to advocate for significant new investment in public hospitals and the broader health syst.”

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