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Shampoo bottles recycled into glasses

Australian eyewear manufacturer Dresden Vision is making further advances in environmental sustainability, with the company set to debut what it claims to be the first frames created entirely from recycled shampoo bottles.

“This project is something we’ve always dreamed of; linking up with a business that is fighting a waste problem and collaborating to create a new, exciting product,” Mr Bruce Jeffreys, co-founder of Dresden Vision, said.

“It’s not only amazing in terms of recycling waste but we also hope it acts as a catalyst to encourage innovative thinking for future uses of waste plastics.”

The new frames are made from recycled plastic shampoo bottles collected by Australian and New Zealand resource recovery program Sustainable Salons. Jeffreys told Insight the plastic used in the bottles is well suited for reuse.“

Shampoo bottles are made from material that is quite flexible and forgiving, yet it can be very durable if treated right. On top of that it really matters to us where the feedstock comes from and that it is sourced responsibly. Sustainable Salons really ticked all the boxes.”

Sustainable Salons collects pre-separated materials from salons, keeping 95% of salon waste from reaching landfill, and finds recycling solutions for them.

Mr Paul Frasca, co-founder of Sustainable Salons, said the company has collected 89,900kg of plastic to date that would otherwise have gone into landfill.

“It’s a chance for us to not only create the world’s first closed-loop product created entirely out of shampoo bottles but also to educate consumers about the impact their lifestyles can have on the environment.

“If you’re having your hair done at a salon, what is their recycling policy? Are they adding to the problem or becoming part of the solution? When you visit a salon that uses Sustainable Salons, you know that your waste isn’t going to landfill and that’s the message we want to share,” Frasca said.

Jeffreys said he would love to turn the collaboration into a permanent product in Dresden’s range.

“It’s a huge win-win if we manage to turn waste from one industry into another industry’s resource on a long term basis. So with that in mind we strongly believe the shampoo collection has the potential to be the first one to start us off.”

The frames will be made available both online and in store on 1 October. Founded in Sydney in 2014, Dresden Vision produces low-cost, durable eyewear that can be prepared for customers on the spot. It now has stores in Australia and Canada, and last year received $4 million in funding to further its ambitions for global expansion.