Shamir to acquire 70% of Eyres

The definitive agreent has been signed with Eyres under which a new company, Shamir Occupational Health and Safety (Shamir OHS), will acquire the business of Eyres, effective 1 July. Shamir will hold 70 per cent interest in Shamir OHS while the founder of Eyres, Mr Michel Audry, will hold the rainder of the ownership interests.
Theacquisition reflects Shamir’s strategic approach to provide leading optical technology in Australia and worldwide.
The acquisition has great potential to accelerate Shamir’s development and leverage Shamir’s economic growth and expansion into the health and safety industry worldwide. The company’s goal is to bring fully-certified, high-calibrated plano and prescription safety products to the market.
Shamir offers a complete laboratory service across Australia and is planning further substantial investment in Australia by upgrading its entire laboratory, with special focus on the coating facility and a significant increase in staff.
Eyres testing laboratory is accredited by SAI Global, the auditing arm of Standards Australia, that certifies products under AS/NZS 1067 Sunglasses and Fashion Glasses, AS/NZS1337.1 and 6 Non-Prescribed and Prescribed Standards for Health and Safety.
The company says its ethos is not only meet the stringent optical ISO international standards set down by law for lens inserted into a frame, but to exceed th with Shamir’s own set of standards.
Shamir continues to pursue research-and-design activities in order to develop cutting-edge technologies for enhancing visual acuity.
“The combination and synergy between Shamir’s Attitude lens technology and Eyres’ quality frame technology creates a great opportunity for the improvent of health and safety optics,” Shamir Australia’s general manager Mr Paul Stacey said.
Mr Audry, managing director of Eyres, said: “We identified a gap in the market and recognised that to be able to rely on the integrity of our eyewear and to go internationally as an Australian brand, we would have to create a synergy with an advanced lens manufacturer. After three years of searching, we acknowledged that Shamir’s advanced lens technology was completely adaptable to our frames”.

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