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Shamir introduces new blue light blocking lens to Australia

Shamir has developed a new lens with in-built blue light protection that has been designed to maintain visual and general health.

Shamir Blue Zero, released to the Australian market late last year, aims to prevent potential harm from High Energy Visual (HEV), commonly known as blue light. Blue light has become increasingly prevalent in day-to-day life through the use of TVs and computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Based on a unique blue light absorbing polymer formula, the lens material is said to protect patients’ visual and general health by absorbing a significant amount of blue light. The amount of blue light that reaches the retina is reduced, while optimal visual acuity is maintained.

Shamir Blue Zero also offers protection by preserving visual health and reducing eye strain, while the lens clarity ensures comfortable vision in any environment and light conditions.

According to Shamir, it also provides effective UV protection and eliminates the blue residue that is present on other products that attempt to block out blue light.

Shamir Blue Zero is available as a prescription and non-prescription lens. It is suitable for children and adults who are regularly exposed to artificial and blue light.

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