Settlement in long-running Specsavers High Court case

The settlent marks the end of a case which began in Novber 2013.
Specsavers was taken to court after it issued purchase orders for nominal share values following alleged breaches of its shareholders agreent.
The company denied the allegations and brought a counter claim against the former joint-venture partners for alleged fraud and dishonesty.
The case involving Dr Helle Poulsen of West Sussex and former business partner Barry Weller, who ran a Specsavers practice in Bognor Regis was the first to be heard in front of Mr Justice Hildyard. Shakila Parham and John Parham, who operated a practice in Uckfield, followed. The judge considered the verdict for over a year.
A Specsavers spokesman said: “We are delighted to confirm that the proceedings brought by former partners in Bognor Regis and Uckfield against Specsavers have been settled on mutually-satisfactory terms prior to a judgment being handed down. The terms of that settlent are strictly confidential and we will make no further comment on the matter.”
The verdict in another shareholder dispute brought against Specsavers by Swarandeep Birdi and Kamaljit Singh of Dartford Specsavers has yet to be reached.

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