Save Sight Institute receives $100,000 mystery gift

The gift, which arrived just in time for the university’s Pave the Way giving day, has already been earmarked for the Macular Research Group, which focuses on developing breakthrough treatment for age-related macular degeneration.Group director Dr Mark Gillies said the funding would support a PhD student working in the lab for 3–4 years, something that would not have been possible without the donation. He also stressed the importance of the work being done by the group and the potential impact it could have on those living with the disease.“Advanced macular disease robs people of their central vision. They may lose much of their independence, be unable to read the numbers on buses or train platforms, and they may not recognise their friends on the street,” he said.According to the SSI, the PhD student will engage directly with the investigation of new treatments, one of which involves testing compounds like curcumin, an active ingredient in tumeric, to see if they can boost the macula’s defences against oxidative stress.All research undertaken by the SSI is reliant on grants and donations.

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