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Safilo introduces new David Beckham range to Australia

Safilo has officially launched the new David Beckham Eyewear collection in Australia, bringing a new range of sunglass and optical offerings to the premium male segment.

Beckham, a former English footballer and global celebrity, has signed a 10-year licence agreement with the Italy-based eyewear manufacturer and distributor, with the partnership recently unveiling its first Spring-Summer ’20 range comprising 23 sunglass styles and 19 optical designs.

The Talisman detailed on the arms originally drew inspiration from the wings of a bird. It soon evolved into a distinct angular shape.

Safilo has been showcasing the new range at a series of exclusive launch events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, spanning from 5-19 February.

According to the company, the collection focuses on mainstream shapes, designed to offer instant mass appeal. Adopting Safilo’s design and manufacturing expertise, they aim to deliver a premium product at competitive prices, ranging between $280 to $470.

“Many of the styles also feature either polarised, mineral or photochromatic lenses to give added clarity for the wearer. They are lightweight and comfortable yet feature a unique sprinkling of British gentleman style,” a Safilo spokesperson told Insight.

“The line is understated, sleek and elegant, styles to be worn from morning till night and in different occasions, from casual to formal events.”

For Safilo, which has traditionally focused on female luxury segment, the new range helps plug a distinct gap within its portfolio for a male-centric, mainstream product that is considered both premium and affordable.

A 10-year agreement with Beckham, the creator and face of the brand, also allows time for the brand and partnership to take root.

“A 10-year license agreement is not so typical within the eyewear industry. [This] is a significant period, so we have time to build the brand in a controlled and sustainable way in order to guarantee the longevity of the collection in the future,” the spokesperson said.

The collection is divided into two distinct groups – one with a casual and timeless English attitude and the second one with a more glamorousand aspirational spirit.

Beckham, a motorcycle enthusiast, has been heavily involved in the development process.

Most notably, he helped design the DB 7000/S that can be removed while wearing a motorcycle helmet, adopting a flat temple design. It also features spoilers around the lens to protect the eyes from dust and shelter from the wind and has high definition lenses to sharpen the colours of the landscape.

The range comprises 23 sunglass styles and 19 optical designs.
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