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Rodenstock debuts LayR technology in biometric intelligent glasses

Rodenstock LayR intelligent biometric glasses

Rodenstock has incorporated all-new LayR coating technology into its biometric intelligent glasses that are manufactured based on the individual biometry of wearers’ eyes.

According to the German lens manufacturer, each of the many layers of LayR technology is specifically engineered to overcome different obstacles to clearer vision, such as scratches on the lens, dust, dirt or fingerprints on the lens surface, or harmful UV light and potentially harmful artificial blue light.

“LayR technology is multifunctional and engineered to overcome each challenge that stands in the way of achieving clearer vision, layer by layer,” the company said.

“At Rodenstock, we know reflections from the lens are just one obstacle to clearer vision. The increased vision clarity provided by the technology’s advanced anti-reflective layer is only one of its benefits.”

In an internal study, 82% of spectacle wearers reported seeing more clearly because of LayR technology.* One contributing factor is the advanced anti-reflective (AR) layer that allows more light to hit retina, according to the company.

Because the eye is reported to be more sensitive to green light than blue, Rodenstock has moved away from the commonly used green reflection colour. Instead, the company implemented a new subtle blue reflection colour in the layer that reduces visible reflections from the lens by 50% compared to the previous generation.

*Internal study with 100 spectacle wearers (2022)

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