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Rodenstock introduces new Lambda lens technology

Rodenstock has launched its new Lambda lens technology in Australia, resulting in high precision, contrast-optimised sunglasses.

The lens manufacturer said the lower-contrast colours created “a truly natural colour feel”.

“While the mid-contrast colours offer a good balance between contrast and natural colour feel, the high-contrast colours create a warmer colour feel and a high level of contrast,” it said.

In addition, contrast is created by ensuring less blue light is let through the lens.

“Due to its short wavelength, a large share of scattered light is blue light. Since scattered light carries no visual information, blue light reduces vision sharpness. By minimising the amount of blue light that’s let through the lens, our Lambda lens technology sunglass lenses provide sharper vision,” Rodenstock said.

Furthermore, the company said, in sunny situations, sunglass lenses based on Lambda lens technology help reduce glare by blocking reflected light, further increasing vision sharpness.

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