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Revolutionising the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma

andrew turpin LEI

Professor Andrew Turpin, the inaugural Lions Curtain chair in ophthalmic data, and his team at Lions Eye Institute (LEI) are leveraging artificial intelligence image processing and other machine learning techniques to bridge the gap between visual field testing and OCT imaging to revolutionise glaucoma diagnosis.

Turpin’s research is focusing on innovation in early glaucoma detection and monitoring of disease progression. Specifically, his aim is to assist ophthalmologists in making connections between visual field testing and OCT imaging for more efficient and accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

The role of chair in ophthalmic data, appointed to Turpin in November 2022, was established by LEI and Curtin University, with support from the Lions Save-Sight Foundation WA (LSSFWA) to enhance leadership and research in ophthalmic big data.

Although visual field testing is considered critical to the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, in a statement LEI said the current test is time consuming, tedious, has several limitations and has not significantly progressed since its development over 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, OCT imaging is often used alongside visual field testing to assist in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. However, obtaining a direct correlation between the two can be challenging for ophthalmologists, who must reconcile the data manually during a consultation.

Therefore, Turpin’s research aims to revolutionise the current ‘one size fits all’ visual field test through development of customised tests for individual patients.

According to LEI, this will provide ophthalmologists with more accurate information, allow for earlier glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, and assist in determining sooner if current treatments are effective.

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