Honour Optometry brendan schelbach

The honour of optometry

With an astute vision for his business, strong resolve, and a wealth of clinical knowledge, it made sense that Dr Brendan Schelbach would build his Brisbane practice, Honour Optometry, from the ground up.
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Dry eye disease and co-morbidities

  At the completion of this article, the reader will be able to improve their management of dry eye disease and co-morbidities, including: Recall the pathophysiology of dry eye disease Recall the mechanism of action of the various dry eye treatment options Identify the causes of a patient’s symptoms of dry eye Implement effective management strategies for DED and co-morbidities. Read More
AI optometry retinal disease diagnosis

AI in eyecare: myths and attitudes

Despite the myth that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace clinicians and deskill eyecare professions, optometrists hold positive attitudes toward the future use of AI to support the diagnosis of retinal disease, SHARON HO and Dr ANGELICA LY have discovered in their new study.
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When spectacles aren’t enough

Spectacles are an effective solution for refractive errors, but they may not be enough for people with low vision. Connie Angeli discusses options to improve the lives of this patient cohort.
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