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Report finds Topcon is the #1 OCT provider

Topcon Healthcare has secured the number one position in the global optical coherence tomography (OCT) market, according to a major analysis of diagnostic ophthalmic devices.

This month the medical device and software company announced it now leads the OCT segment with 27.9% market share, based on the recently released 2020 Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment Market Report by independent market research firm Market Scope.

Chris Mather.

The report, compiled by in-house analysts with more than 100 years of collective ophthalmic market research, provides in-depth coverage of diagnostic equipment used during ophthalmic exams and procedures, and involved an analysis of 764 devices from 88 companies.

Mr Chris Mather, director of sales and service for Topcon Healthcare Australia, said it was a major achievement. Topcon hardware is distributed by Device Technologies in Australia.

“These truly are difficult times for the medical diagnostic market globally, and it’s great to see that whilst the pressures of excellent competition continue to test us, Topcon are thriving in one of the most complex arenas for eyecare technology,” he said.

“Being named as the global number one provider of choice for OCT is both humbling and yet inspiring to all within Topcon. We strive to deliver perfection and reliability, everything that is needed in a modern, fast paced eye health clinic.”

Topcon’s line-up of OCT instruments features the Maestro2 Robotic OCT and the Triton Swept Source OCT. Both devices are said to combine fundus and OCT functionality in an easy-to-use platform.

Device Technologies ophthalmic diagnostic business manager Mr Ryan Heggie added: “This is a milestone achievement for Topcon OCT imaging devices, a result of the companies continued innovation of diagnostic instrumentation.

“These statistics represent a shift in the OCT market we have observed in just the last few years and reflects what we see in the ANZ marketplace today. It’s exciting to think about what new technologies are on the horizon and how they will enhance eyecare and improve patient outcomes.”

The Topcon Triton.

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