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Readers signal appetite for timely, informative news amid COVID-19

Insight is generating record engagement as the ophthalmic sector seeks to keep updated and informed on how the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is shaping the way they practise and do business.

Last week, on Wednesday 25 March – the day our e-newsletter was distributed – our online platform registered one of its largest single-day page view counts with more than 3,200 views.

The top story ‘PM allows optometrists to remain open’, which detailed why optometry practices were exempt from the latest lock-down measures across Australia, generated 1,335 views alone. This accounted for 41% of traffic that day, and also eclipsed the social media target with an outreach of 519 sessions via social.

That was followed by ‘Elective surgery alert for ophthalmologists during COVID-19’, a story that revealed how elective surgery across both public and private hospital systems will be prioritised and handled from 1 April. This article by itself produced 572 page views.

Eyecare professionals were also interested in how COVID-19 will impact their day-to-day running of their practice, with the story ‘Telehealth Medicare expansion to cover allied health’ also garnering impressive results.

This spike in engagement can be attributed to our readership’s appetite for timely, informative news during this escalating situation, and we will continue to bring you the most up to date information as it comes.

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